HOA Services

Running an HOA is a full time job and requires constant continuing education.

Having Professional Management protects the integrity and financial wellbeing of your Home Owners Association. HOA managers are the professional backbone of the communities they serve. Providing skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations. Each home owner deserves the guidance of someone trained and dedicated to their investment. Blue Sky Property offers full service management with local office locations. We are the professional experience you require with the personal approach you deserve. Please call or email us to discuss the future of your HOA. 

Below are just a few benefits included in our HOA services.

  • Collection of dues
  • Bill pay
  • In house accounting and account management
  • Collections help and outsourcing
  • Violation control and enforcement of CC&Rs
  • Obtain BID's and scheduling contractors, vendors, maintenance, etc
  • Board meeting attendance
  • Securing yearly budgets
  • Budget Management
  • Financial statements
  • Securing tax preparation and filing
  • Maintaining operating and reserve accounts 
  • Online member accounts
  • Liaison for members and board members
  • Online HOA website portal
  • Future maintenance and financial forecasting
  • Compliance of California HOA Reserve Study requirements 
  • Guidance on HOA, concerns, projects, and new laws

Please call or email us to discuss the future

Blue Sky is an active member of the CAI